Collection: Commissions

What the Commission Process looks like

Availability Consideration

Before I dive into the commission process, I want you to know that all commissions are subject to my current availability. I often work on multiple projects, so it's best to contact me as early as possible to discuss your needs and secure a slot in my schedule.

Composition Design: Storytelling Through Art

The first step in my commissioning process involves a detailed consultation with you, the client. This allows me to understand the subject matter in-depth, helping to inform my composition and design. Each painting is a narrative; your input is invaluable in creating that story.

Reference Image & Photographer's Permission

Quality reference materials are crucial for a successful painting. Clients are expected to provide a high-resolution image for me to use as a basis for the artwork. The idea's viability is critical; poor lighting or a grainy photo will not translate well into a painting. Before work begins, I also require confirmation that the photographer and the subject captured in the picture have permitted the image to be used.

Photographic Services

For local clients needing a suitable photo, I offer a $50/hr photographic service to ensure the reference image is up to standard.

Client's Preferences and Requirements

When you approach me for a commission, be prepared to provide details about the artwork's dimensions, your budget, and your preferred painting medium—whether it's acrylics, oils, or watercolours. Please specify your desired completion date and whether the painting is intended as a gift.

Pricing Variables

The commission's final cost will depend on various factors: the size of the piece, the complexity of the subject matter, and the time frame for completion. My calendar can get booked up quickly, so pricing may vary depending on my availability. Shipping considerations will also affect the final price.

The Creative Process & Client Involvement

Once I've gathered all the necessary information and have a clear understanding of your vision, you'll be asked to make a 50% deposit. Upon receipt of the deposit, creative control is then transferred to me. You'll be included in the initial composition stage, starting with a preliminary sketch.

Progress Updates

Throughout the creation process, I'll text you progress photos to update you on how the artwork is going.

Copyright Ownership

The final artwork's copyright is retained solely by me, the artist. This means I reserve the right to use the artwork for promotional purposes, portfolio inclusion, and similar activities.