Our Heavy Hearts
I painted George Floyd's portrait the day after he was murdered to process both my grief and hope that the world could finally begin to understand and work together to eradicate racism.
Diamond Grower's Odell Mural
We completed this 2990 sq ft mural in October 2019 and it stands as a tribute to the cultural history of orchardists in the Hood River Valley. Here I am adding finishing touches to the portrait of Guadalupe Balderrama, the 82 years young foreman of Yasui farms.
Queen's Gambit
Beth the genius carries her old wounds to self destruction but conquers. So inspiring that I had to capture the love and madness.
From the series titled, “Ebb and Flow” is a playful exploration of the relationship between the real and the fantasy and for the healing of the planet that I hope the next generation may bring.
Neil Peart
Considered the best rock drummer in history, Mr. Peart was also loved for the depth of wisdom and beauty he brought to the 11 books he authored/co-authored as he processed life and tragic loss. He passed away January 7th, 2020 of glioblastoma.
Picking Shells on the Flats
These paintings come from my series titled “Tribute to Toshiye” which explores my love of the Japanese cultural traditions instilled in me by my grandmother.

Since my first international show in Manila, Philippines in 2000 I have exhibited extensively throughout the Pacific Northwest. As a member of the prestigious 301 Gallery in Hood River, I count myself very lucky to be showing alongside so many highly accomplished artists all year round. My mural work and art school, “Art Circle” have been such richly rewarding additions to my artist life as I continue to explore everything from iconic culture to endangered species through my acrylic and oil paintings. Thanks for visiting my website.