Since my first solo art show in Manila,Philippines in 2000, I have been intrigued and delighted how my paintings of people bring people together. These paintings have inspired others to learn to paint, cementing my role as an arts educator.

 I’ve been teaching since 2014 where I was the head teacher of adult and youth art programs at Open Arts Studio in Tacoma, WA in addition to artist residencies for Arts In Education of the Gorge up and down the Pacific Northwest. Painting in watercolours, acrylics and drawing the portrait were the focus of my teachings.

Since graduating in Graphic Design from Cariboo University in Canada, I have enjoyed commercial success but practicing and teaching fine art is where my heart lies.

 My husband and I moved back to Hood River in 2018 when I started my own private art school, “Art Circle” where I teach private lessons out of my studio. Meanwhile, I headed up the art department at Wildwood Academy where I taught programs I designed such as: “Brave Art for Youth”, “Skateboard Art” and “Designing your Own Comic Strip”.

 These programs are all meant to inspire youth to give drawing and painting a try, to take their skills to the next level or learn how to turn two minutes of contemplation and meditation into a valuable lesson in self discovery like what we do in Brave Art.

 I am so thrilled to be a part of the New School community coming September of 2021 where I look forward to connecting with students and encouraging them to learn some new techniques of art making.

Art Circle Hood River represents my private art school offerings with students scheduled for in person or online  two hour sessions on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. My teachings are focused on improving drawing and acrylic painting skills with a special focus on portraiture.  I don’t have any workshops planned at this time. 

I recommend collage artist, Jordan Kim ( as she does in person and online  private lessons as well. 

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Would you like to join us for an art class?

We at Art Circle Hood River are big fans of supporting the creative journey of our students whether they are middle school students or adults who are wanting to explore their creative passions . We would love to hear from you and we promise to not send you updates more than once a month.

Teaching Schedule

Wildwood Academy  13 Railroad Street, Hood River, OR 97031 (541) 645-4281

Teaching: Skateboard Art, watercolours, Fine Art with a focus on portrait drawing and painting in Acrylics, Brave Art for Youth to grade 6,7 and 8 students.

Art Circle Hood River- Private Lessons at my home studio: Homeschoolers and adults weekly study of Fine Art: drawing and painting the figure, landscape art, Fashion Design and illustration and Introduction to Sewing.

My Teaching History

I taught for four years at Open Arts Studio in Tacoma, WA  teaching the adult programs: Drawing and Painting the Portrait, Drawing and Painting in Acrylics, Watercolours, Intuitive Art Journaling and for youth: Skateboard Art, Brave Art for Youth, and Fashion Art.  Since moving back to Hood River, Oregon in 2017 I’ve been kept very busy with artist residencies at  middle schools courtesy of Arts In Education of the Gorge in Hood River, Oregon sharing my Brave Art for Youth and Skateboard Art programs and also at the Whistler Arts Council in B.C. Canada and retreats in Canada and Washington. I also offer private lessons in my home studio in Hood River, Oregon where I love cultivating each student’s gifts, artistic curiosity and potential. I have been head of the art department at the Wildwood Academy for two years and am looking forward to the coming school year whether it be in the classroom or online. The last semester of our 2020 school year was all online and as a result, I got to hone my video making skills which was a lot of fun. I can teach any artistic subject matter from: fashion design, sewing,  designing pop art compositions to painting the portrait in watercolours, I have it covered.