Intuitive Art Journaling

Reawaken the power of your intuition by combining multimedia art making and words in this workshop of exploring your life’s goals and intentions.

This creative group process will help you discover both your sacred simplicity and balance it with your human complexity by building layers with paints, stamps, stencils, papers and inks while exploring the layers of our human life experiences.

Intuitive Art Journaling is a valuable healing tool if you have difficulty putting language to your emotions or if you are feeling stuck or stagnant in any part of your life. This process helps to empower you by envisioning your goals so you can connect to the essence of who you really are.

You will not only have so much fun exploring the buffet of art materials that are included in the program  but you will cultivate a kind and supportive dialogue with your artistic and inner self. This workshop will balance introspection, intention and playfulness in a supportive and empowering environment.

I will guide you safely through centering and grounding meditations and will provide several step-by-step art demonstrations in multi media art with your canvas of a beautiful YinspirationArt Meditation journal which is included in the $35 supply fee included in the tuition. You don’t need to even bring a paint brush or an apron, it is all provided for you!!  Since this art is not for showing to the world, you can play with wild abandon without worrying about being judged and truly enjoy the creative process as a delicious and empowering gift to oneself for oneself.


The Teacher:

Through my life’s world adventures and explorations in oils, acrylics, watercolours and mixed media, I have gained decades of experience combining my love of art and teaching with my passion for helping people better understand themselves and the unpredictable world around them.

The centuries old techniques of using art imagery for healing transformation are just some of the tools that I invite my students to jump in and play with to help them live their own creative dreams and reconnect to the loving qualities of their inner journeys…always embracing those happy accidents that mixed media art and those that day-to-day life presents.

Over the last 20 years, I have enthusiastically studied meditation teachings with Masters from the highest eastern mystical traditions and have hosted workshops  in Asia, Canada and the United States.

Brave HeArt Journaling for Youth is for kids aged 13- 19 and the program content is very similar to the adults’ except the daily themed art projects and meditations will be oriented to learning how to: not take things personally, develop awareness in how they give their power away and learn how to observe their reactions to stressful situations and to focus on believing in themselves.