Art Circle Hood River represents not only my own private art school but also support and offerings of several other teaching artists in the area such as Collage Artist, Jordan Kim ( and exhibiting charcoal artist Jen Smith.  We are postponing announcing our Fall 2020 teaching schedule for in-person classes until further notice due to Covid. Please subscribe if you would like to be kept in the loop of Art Circle offerings. Thanks so much!


Michelle, Jordan and Jen.

Here is a sample of my online video tutorials that I created for my middle school students at Wildwood Academy this past year.

My Teaching Schedule 2020

Skateboard Art at Columbia Center for the Arts July 27th-30th

Inviting all skateboarders and art lovers who want to paint their own 8.5 California made skate deck, perfect for riding the park and bowls. Students will be introduced to the concepts of composition and will be taking their drawing and painting skills to the next level. Content rich art demonstrations will be provided by their teacher, a muralist, exhibiting artist at both 301 gallery and Columbia Centre for the Arts. Sold Out.

Here is a fun little video of how it went:

Design Your own Comic Strip at Columbia Center for the Arts Aug 10-14th

The week will start with a cool slide show to cover a little history of comics and how they are made. From Superheroes to funny, goofball characters, the artist’s comic strip concept will start with thumbnail sketches to develop your characters, then write a meaningful story line and lay out the sequence of the images on panel borders with speech balloons. Finishing touches with fine point markers for painting your lines and colour. Great for young artists who already know how to draft a figure and face as capturing emotions of their characters will be explored and developed. Comics are such a great way to encourage reading, writing and storytelling, and to work on all the skills needed to be a successful reader and writer. Plus they are loads of fun!

Wildwood Academy Sept-May 2020-21 13 Railroad Street, Hood River, OR 97031 (541) 645-4281       

“Colour Mixing workshop and Starting a Portrait Painting”  2 Day adult workshop in Hood River You will learn valuable mixing tips by making a swatch collection of colours so that you can cultivate a palette  that you love and stick to it. Concepts of colour theory are also explored. February 8th and 9th    Sold Out

“How To Start An Acrylic Painting” In this class you will learn about the importance of controlling values and tones and how they can be used to create balance and focal points. An exploration of composition rules such as avoiding tangents and what to look out for when working with reference material will all be covered in the daily art demonstrations. October 5th and 6th   Sold Out

Teaching Schedule 2020-2021

Wildwood Academy  13 Railroad Street, Hood River, OR 97031 (541) 645-4281

Teaching: Skateboard Art, watercolours, Fine Art with a focus on portrait drawing and painting in Acrylics, Brave Art for Youth to grade 6,7 and 8 students.

Art Circle Hood River- Private Lessons at my home studio: Homeschoolers and adults weekly study of Fine Art: drawing and painting the figure, landscape art, Fashion Design and illustration and Introduction to Sewing.

2019-2020 Workshops

2 Day adult workshop in Hood River  “How To Start An Acrylic Painting”  October 5th and 6th

Henkle Middle School White Salmon, WA Mural art project with 30 students February 27-29

Brave Art for Youth private lessons with 6 grade six students April-May, Hood River, OR

Westside Elementary School Residency  9 @ 4′ x 2′ paintings with 60 students in three classes 

My Teaching History

I taught for four years at Open Arts Studio in Tacoma, WA  teaching the adult programs: Drawing and Painting the Portrait, Drawing and Painting in Acrylics, Watercolours, Intuitive Art Journaling and for youth: Skateboard Art, Brave Art for Youth, and Fashion Art.  Since moving back to Hood River, Oregon in 2017 I’ve been kept very busy with artist residencies at  middle schools courtesy of Arts In Education of the Gorge in Hood River, Oregon sharing my Brave Art for Youth and Skateboard Art programs and also at the Whistler Arts Council in B.C. Canada and retreats in Canada and Washington. I also offer private lessons in my home studio in Hood River, Oregon where I love cultivating each student’s gifts, artistic curiosity and potential. I have been head of the art department at the Wildwood Academy for two years and am looking forward to the coming school year whether it be in the classroom or online. The last semester of our 2020 school year was all online and as a result, I got to hone my video making skills which was a lot of fun. I can teach any artistic subject matter from: fashion design, sewing,  designing pop art compositions to painting the portrait in watercolours, I have it covered.