Here it is my friends, a fun little video about my Skateboard art teaching gig in Oregon.

I discovered that I loved teaching in 2012 when the owner of art gallery and studio “Mind Unwind” in West Seattle where I was having a solo surf art show invited me to teach a class on my Opening night. I suggested “Skateboard Art” and over those following three lessons my  students showed me that not only did I have something to share but that it was so much fun to inspire youth to explore their creative potential. Then in April 2013, I was invited to conduct a one week after school  program teaching “Skateboard Art” to teenagers in Hood River, Oregon and discovered a whole new way to invite boys to art that wouldn’t normally be interested in it.

I taught for four years at Open Arts Studio in Tacoma, WA  teaching the adult programs: Drawing and Painting the Portrait, Drawing and Painting in Acrylics, Watercolors, Intuitive Art Journaling and for youth: Skateboard Art, Brave Art for Youth, and Fashion Art.  Since moving back to Hood River, Oregon I’ve been kept very busy with artist residencies at  middle schools courtesy of Arts In Education of the Gorge in Hood River, Oregon sharing my Brave Art for Youth and Skateboard Art programs and also at the Whistler Arts Council in B.C. Canada and retreats in Canada and Washington . I also offer private lessons in my home studio in Hood River, Oregon.