Artist Statement

The purpose of art is beyond being decorative or merely pleasing to the eye; it has the potential to inspire, stir the emotions and stimulate conversations. With the endless possibilities of art, a world can be created where one ultimately finds wonder and solace and this is my hope to inspire this in others whether it is in my art or with my students when I am teaching.

In 2012, I started teaching art to adults and youth in Canada and the US and I am always greatly honoured by this opportunity to share with children how vitally important they are to the future of our planet and it is also this belief that inspired my most recent series, “Essential, Ebb and Flow”. 

The theme of water seems to keep resurfacing which is funny because I actually don’t love swimming but I am a kiter, not an amazing kiter but a kiter. ;) I think the water theme keeps coming up in my work because in my 12 years living in Asia and in subsequent visits to Indonesia and Malaysia, plastics fill the shores and little rivers in disadvantaged communities where families are trying to survive third world challenges. The health of our oceans and rivers are beyond essential and I hope my art can bring some attention to this. 

I am honoured to be exhibiting year round with my fellow 301 gallery members and share the message of beauty in our work together.

Thank you for being curious about my art.

Why I Paint

My hope is to convey the highest possibilities I see in humanity and hope that my art opens this up in others.

I love that what I do touches people and makes them smile.