I laid the background layers back in January and set it aside as I could see a far east landscape (Guilin, Chinaperhaps?) ┬áthere but wasn’t sure what should also be in the composition to give it that finished feeling. I had also been working on a Guan Yin figure for almost a year and voila, they ended going together beautifully. This measures 18 x 24 and is many layers of acrylic. I will take it with me for display in my booth at the Vancouver Yoga Conference in November.

Guan Yin, is known as the Buddha or Goddess of Compassion in both Japanese and Chinese traditions. She sits in a waterfall like a blessing just as compassion rests near us all like an offering waiting to be noticed. One has to look closely to find compassion and then one can live more abundantly and less in self centredness and ego which is where all suffering begins.