Artist Statement

The purpose of art is beyond being decorative or merely pleasing to the eye; it has the potential to inspire, stir the emotions and stimulate conversations. With the endless possibilities of art, a world can be created where one ultimately finds wonder and solace and this is my hope to inspire this in others.

Over the past few years and in addition to working full time in my studio working in oils and acrylics, I have been teaching art to adults and youth in Canada and the US. I am always greatly honoured by this opportunity to share with children how vitally important they are to the future of our planet and this belief is what inspired my favourite teaching body of work which is called “Brave HeArt Journaling for Youth.”  Kids are invited into the conversations of how they can participate in their inner harmony and well-being while playing with a huge buffet of art supplies to explore their creative adventurous side. So yes, this creative life of sharing is sweet indeed.

Thank you for being curious about my art.

Why I Paint

My hope is to convey the highest possibilities I see in humanity and hope that my art opens this up in others.

In my portrait work especially, I am always grateful when I have captured their depth and uniqueness.

I love that what I do touches people and makes them smile.