I teach a very dynamic and multi-faceted program called “Brave Art for Youth” which combines art, the eloquence of the written word with the exploration of empowering conversations about hot topics such as: mindfulness, selfie culture and bullying. Drawing and painting skills are taken to the next level with content-rich art demonstrations and the Brave Art workbook serves as the backbone of support to set the stage for setting clear intentions in their daily lives for years to come. http://www.braveartforyouth.com/?et_fb=1

Teacher Michelle Yamamoto with her “Brave Art for Youth” workbooks

Students and Their Creative Process

The healing benefits of using art, the written word and learning can empower youth immensely. Here are just a few of the benefits I’ve seen in doing this work:

  • Children feel less upset about something that has happened in their day or life.
  • They feel more empowered and are able to reach their goals more easily.
  • They connect to the essence of who they really are to further instill the elements of trust and strength into their being

Please email me if you have any questions about the online version and if it is right for you.