Art Education

I graduated with a diploma in Commercial Design and Advertising at the University College of the Caribou, Canada and then completed two years of part time Marketing studies at the British Columbia Institute of Technology in Vancouver.

I worked freelance in marketing, sales public relations, graphic design and as an art director for twelve years while living in Malaysia, China and the Philippines.

While I lived in China, I studied sculpture and Chinese calligraphy with local artists and teachers with the help of translators and I also designed menu covers and brochures for the Shangri-la Hotel Beijing.

From 2000-03, I attended the Vancouver Academy of Art in part time studies in classical portrait drawing, watercolour portrait painting with Michael Britton and “Boku Jazz,” a form of Zen brush painting with artist Ari Tomita.

More recently, I have studied with some of my favourite artists such as New York based Milt Kobayashi, AJ Powers in Seattle, Chili Thom in Whistler and Dawn Emerson from central Oregon.